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18 May

Content Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: What Works, What Doesn’t

There’s a big fat line between traditional marketing and content marketing!

Content marketing ensures that rather than invade and interrupt your audience, they beat a path to your digital space to feed on your content, and then become converts and advocates.

Every company/product/ brand‘s ultimate goal in marketing is to create converts and advocates of their audience.

How do you go about this?

Content Marketing Tips

Solve Customer/Client Problems or Needs With Content#1 Address a Problem Or Need

One of the very first things to do in order to get your audience interested in your product, service or brand is by addressing a need or challenge that they face.

That way, your product/service/brand is more likely to get the attention of your target market.

A good example would be a car dealership website providing content that helps prospective car buyers make the right decision, avoid pitfalls and get the best deal when buying a car.

#2 Provide Helpful Information

Another very important way to get your content marketing right is by providing helpful information, tools, and tips relevant to your audience.

Now, this information may not necessarily be about your product/service, otherwise, it becomes interruptive.

Rather it is more about what your target audience wants or needs to know in relation to your product/service/brand.

For example, a fashion brand providing their audience with helpful styling tips, ways to maintain the quality of clothing, or updating them on trending fashion accessories.

#3 Show HOW Not WHAT

One mistake traditional marketers make is focusing more on their products/services than on what the customer wants or needs.

Successful content marketers know that the best way to get your prospects to become advocates is by thinking like them.

Rather than spending time and resources showing your customers what you offer, why not spend half the time showing them how your product/service helps them solve a problem or achieve a goal/desired objective.

Content Marketing Trumps Traditional Marketing

Your marketing efforts will have less resistance and convert more prospects when you use this approach.

#4 Meet Them Where They Are

Meet Customers Where They AreWhen planning your #ContentMarketing strategy, you must consider the different digital touch points where your audience is likely to engage with your brand.

You can start by asking questions like:

  • Are my customers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or Snapchat?
  • Are they actively searching for topics related to your business on search engines like Google or review sites like Yelp?
  • Are your prospects spending their spare time playing games on mobile or on gaming consoles?

Asking and answering key questions like these and more can help you identify where exactly your customers in the digital space.

Then you can begin to develop content that will reach them at the different points they are in the buyer’s journey.

#5 Identify and Streamline Buyer Personas

Buyer Persona AvatarsLastly, you also need to identify and streamline your target audience and demography by creating buyer personas that clearly typifies them.

This way, all your content marketing efforts will be more strategically targetted and a lot less ambiguous.

It’s also important that you research your content as well as your audience to ensure you hit the bull’s eye every time.

if you’re interested in knowing more about how you can maximize your content marketing efforts and achieve better results for your brand, please follow this link.

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